Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering


How Are Images Obtained in Computed Tomography?


Dr. Xiaochuan Pan


University of Chicago


Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 11:00:00 AM


MRDC Building, Room 4211


Lei Zhu


The presentation will give a brief overview of computed tomography (CT) development, followed by discussion of recent progress in research on theory and algorithms for image reconstruction in conventional and advanced CT systems. An emphasis of the presentation will be placed on highlighting insights into the relationship between CT system and algorithm development, and into the design of image-reconstruction algorithms tailored to specific requirements of given imaging applications. Using a series of real-data examples that arise in diagnostic and non-diagnostic CT imaging, I will illustrate how algorithms may be devised for potentially improving on reconstruction quality in current CT and for reconstructing images in innovative CT. If time allows, I will also touch upon a number of seemingly confusing issues concerning, e.g., conventional sampling theorem, compressive sensing, and system/algorithm evaluation.


Xiaochuan Pan, Professor in the Departments of Radiology and Radiation & Cellular Oncology and the Committee on Medical Physics at The University of Chicago, has research interest in physics, algorithms, and applications of tomographic imaging. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including IEEE NPSS Early Achievement Award and IEEE EMBS Technical Award, and is a Fellow of AAPM, AIMBE, IEEE, OSA, and SPIE. Dr. Pan serves, as a chair, charter member, and/or a grant reviewer, for NIH, NSF, and other funding agencies/foundations. He is an associate editor (or editorial board member) for a number of journals in the field, including IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging, IEEE Trans. Biomed Eng., and Phys. Biol. Med. He serves or has served, as a chair or member of numerous technical committees of professional organizations such as IEEE and RSNA, and as a chair of programs, themes, and sessions, or as a technical/scientific committee chair or member, for conferences such as IEEE EMBC, IEEE MIC, RSNA, AAPM, and MICCIA.


Refreshments will be served.