Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering

COE/Structural Mechanics Seminar


Mechanical Properties Mapping Using Probe Experiments: Fact and Fiction


Dr. Warren Oliver


President Nanomechanics Inc., Oak Ridge TN


Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 3:00:00 PM


MRDC Building, Room 4211


Dr. Surya Kalidindi


The application of the continuous stiffness measurement technique to the generation of stiffness maps will be discussed. A number of applications of this technique will be shown. A few years ago a technique was proposed to allow stiffness maps to be converted to modulus maps. The stringent experimental requirements associated with this conversion technique render it inaccurate, insensitive and virtually useless. New techniques for the generation of true mechanical properties maps in reasonable periods of time will be introduced and demonstrated. These studies have resulted in the new Agilent product “Express Test”.


Warren Oliver obtained his BS in Materials Science from the University of Tennessee in 1976. He received a MS and PhD of Materials Science in 1981 from Stanford University studying with Professor W. D. Nix. Dr. Oliver spent ten years at Oak Ridge National Laboratories until 1994 at which time he left to spend full time directing Nano Instruments, a company he helped to found in 1984. In 1998 Nano Instruments was acquired by MTS Corporation followed by Agilent Technologies in 2008. Finally, in 2009 Dr. Oliver helped form and became president of a new company, Nanomechanics, Inc. During the course of his research career, Dr. Oliver has made notable contributions to the area of intermetallic alloy development and the mechanical characterization of materials and structures on the micro and nano scale. In particular, he has contributed to the development and commercialization of nanoindentation equipment and techniques. Over the years, Dr. Oliver is the inventor on 14 patents and has published more than 250 papers in peer reviewed international journals.


Refreshments will be served.