COE/Structural Mechanics Seminar


Machine Learning and Experimental Mechanics


Prof. Samantha Daly


University of California, Santa Barbara


Thursday, March 7, 2024 at 11:00:00 AM   


GTMI Building, Room Auditorium


Jerry Qi


This talk will discuss some of the core opportunities and challenges at the intersection of machine learning and experimental mechanics. The application of data-driven and machine learning approaches to the mechanics of structural materials under a range of representative applications will be discussed, largely in the context of enabling high throughput experimentation and analysis, and in enabling new modes of structural health monitoring. Examples will include i) the use of spectral clustering to identify damage mechanisms from their acoustic emission spectra in composites; ii) addressing the pervasive data scarcity problem by using generative adversarial networks in the synthesis of realistic morphologies for high throughput predictive simulations; (iii) addressing the spatial and temporal resolutions of limited experimental data that is vital to our understanding of material response, by adapting physics-informed superresolution approaches to materials data structures; and (iv) the high-throughput segmentation, identification, and analysis of the relationships between microstructure and deformation mechanisms. This talk will also incorporate discussion of the need for, and requirements of, trustworthy machine learning approaches in the physical sciences.


Sam Daly is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UCSB. Her research interests lie at the intersection of the experimental solid mechanics and machine learning, including high-throughput experimentation and analysis, and the development of novel experimental and analyses approaches. Recent recognitions include election to ASME Fellow (class of 2021), election as a Universite Paris Sciences & Lettres Faculty Fellow (2022-2023), and the 2022 ASME Materials Division Centennial Mid-Career Award. She is on the Executive Committee of the ASME Applied Mechanics Division and serves as a Contributing Editor of the International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, and as an Associate Editor of the journals Experimental Mechanics and Strain.