Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering

NRE 8011/8012 and MP 6011/6012 Seminar

Nuclear & Radiological Engineering and Medical Physics Programs


Repair of clustered DNA damage induced by high LET radiation


Dr. Huichen Wang


Emory University


Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 11:00:00 AM


Boggs Building, Room 3-47


Chris Wang


Ionizing radiation induces clustered DNA damage including base damage, single-strand breaks and double-strand breaks. High linear energy transfer radiation produces more complex DNA damage. Unrepaired DNA damage leads to mutation and genomic instability, tumorigenesis and neurodegeneration. DNA double-strand breaks are repaired by non homologous end joining pathways and homologous recombination. The induction and repair of clustered DNA damage by high-LET radiation will be discussed in this talk.


Dr. Huichen Wang received his BS, MS and PhD degree in medical genetic s in Academy of Medical Science, China. He got his postdoctoral training in the science of DNA damage response in Department of Radiation Oncology, Thomas Jefferson University from 1997-2004. He worked in Department of Neuroscience, Temple University Medical School from 2004-2008. Now He is an assistant professor in Department of Radiation Oncology, Winship Cancer Institute, Emory University Medical School. His work focuses on DNA damage and repair in the central nervous system.