COE/Structural Mechanics Seminar


Modeling Explicit Non-Ideal Interfaces at the Mesoscale for Shocks in Solids


Dr. David Kittell


Sandia National Laboratories


Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at 11:00:00 AM   


GTMI Building, Room Auditorium


Min Zhou


Solid heterogeneous materials exhibit a broad range of microstructural geometries when viewed at the meso(grain) scale. When performing two- and three-dimensional mesoscale simulations to predict the bulk shock response of a material, constituent particle packs and layered or swirled (intermixed) materials must be constructed via different numerical/computational techniques. While much work has already been done on pressed porous materials and plastic bonded explosives, this talk will focus on new mesoscale techniques for explicitly representing non-ideal interfaces in layered materials. These interfaces result from additive manufacturing processes, as well as physical and/or chemical vapor deposition, to be discussed in greater detail. Other topics covered will include homogenized models for shocks, and treating reactions that can originate at material interfaces.


Dr. David Kittell earned his PhD in 2016 from Purdue University in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently a staff member at Sandia National Laboratories, performing R&D for U.S. Federal Agencies (DOE and NNSA) where his work spans multiple disciplines in aerospace and mechanical engineering, energetic materials, thermodynamics, and shock physics. His current work involves running computational simulations and developing software for the Department of Materials and Failure Model Modeling at Sandia New Mexico.


This seminar is both in person and online via Zoom at