Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering

NRE 8011/8012 and MP 6011/6012 Seminar

Nuclear & Radiological Engineering and Medical Physics Programs


NuScale Power: Thinking Small in a Big Way


Dr. Daniel T. Ingersoll


NuScale Power, LLC


Thursday, April 2, 2015 at 11:00:00 AM


Boggs Building, Room 3-47


Dr. Anna Erickson


Interest in smaller sized nuclear power plants has been growing steadily world-wide and is now emerging rapidly in the United States. NuScale Power is developing a small modular reactor design that will offer a more affordable and more flexible approach to expanding the use of nuclear energy for a broader range of energy customers. Based on a standardized and highly robust 50 MWe nuclear module, a NuScale plant will be scalable up to 12 modules, each of which are factory fabricated and can be installed in an incremental fashion to maximize affordability and owner flexibility. A brief overview of the NuScale module and plant design will be presented with emphasis on the high level of safety, affordability and flexibility achieved by the modular design.


Dr. Daniel Ingersoll is Director of the Office of Research Collaborations for NuScale Power where he coordinates and develops R&D partnerships between NuScale and external research organizations. Prior to joining NuScale, he was Senior Program Manager for the Small Modular Reactors R&D Office at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He received a BS degree in Physics from Miami University and a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Illinois.