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NRE/MP Seminar

Nuclear & Radiological Engineering and Medical Physics Programs


Organ dose calculations for epidemiological investigation of radiotherapy patients


Dr. Choonsik Lee


NCI Shady Grove


Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 11:00:00 AM   Add to Calendar


Boggs Building, Room https://bluejeans.com/901751358/3979


Dr. Nolan Hertel


Estimation of organ specific radiation doses is required to analyze the risk of adverse late effects for patients undergoing radiotherapy procedures. The task involves several challenges including the limitation of dose coverage in commercial treatment planning system, the limited coverage of radiological images of patients anatomy, and a large number of study subjects often involved in epidemiological studies. This seminar will present the methods and tools that the NCI radiation physicists have developed over the past years to address these challenges.


Dr. Lee received a Ph.D. degree in health physics in 2002 from Hanyang University in South Korea. He subsequently joined the Innovative Technology Center for Radiation Safety in South Korea as a postdoctoral fellow and later completed extensive training in computational medical physics as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Florida. Dr. Lee joined the Radiation Epidemiology Branch REB as a tenure track investigator in 2009, and was awarded scientific tenure and promoted to senior investigator in 2016, and named Head of REBs Dosimetry Unit. Dr. Lee is a full member of two task groups of the International Commission on Radiological Protection ICR. In 2021, he was appointed to the ICRP Committee 2 Doses from Radiation Exposure and delivered the prestigious Dade Moeller Lectureship at the Health Physics Society annual meeting. He also serves on the editorial board of Radiation Protection Dosimetry.