SUBJECT: Ph.D. Proposal Presentation
BY: Kevin Webb
TIME: Monday, February 3, 2020, 11:00 a.m.
PLACE: MRDC Building, 3515
TITLE: Modeling, Flight Control, and Estimation for Multi-UAV Cooperative Lift Systems
COMMITTEE: Dr. Jonathan Rogers, Chair (AE)
Dr. Aldo Ferri (ME)
Dr. Anirban Mazumdar (ME)
Dr. David Torello (ME)
Dr. Seth Hutchinson (CoC)


Multi-UAV cooperative lift systems have the potential to dramatically alleviate the logistical burden of aerial payload transportation missions from a scalability and portability standpoint. In order to carry out a large span of mission sets, these systems must be capable of performing reliably when arranged in variable geometric configurations with unknown system parameters. This dissertation proposal expands upon a previously developed modular docking system and focuses on novel flight control and Extended Kalman Filter parameter estimation for highly variable multi-UAV system configurations. High-fidelity models and simulation results are presented, leveraging techniques including multi-body feedback linearization constraints and impulse-based contact models in order to capture complex dynamics, validate adaptive control strategies, and optimize mechanical designs. This proposal will additionally present experimental results for cooperative docking, and preliminary tests for multi-UAV flight control.