SUBJECT: M.S. Thesis Presentation
BY: Richard King
TIME: Thursday, April 18, 2019, 4:30 p.m.
PLACE: Boggs, 347
TITLE: Rotation Calculation in Tokamak Plasma
COMMITTEE: Dr. Weston Stacey, Chair (NRE)
Dr. Bojan Petrovic (NRE)
Dr. John McCuan (MATH)


Rotation is important in tokamaks because of its effect on confinement and stability. This purpose of this thesis is to evaluate the effectiveness of neoclassical gyroviscous theory on determining the toroidal rotation profile in tokamak plasmas. In conducting this evaluation, a numerical method for predicting the two-dimensional rotation profiles of a multi-species plasma was developed. The results of this analysis show that this neoclassical theory predicts the toroidal rotation very well in the core and to within a factor of two everywhere.